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Anti acne drink

FeinSchein first acne drink treatment for prone acne and scars. spot zone gives you a clear skin with more elasticity and fights the white & black heads also contributes to lower to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it is suitable for male and female


Joint Support

Hydrolyzed Collagen, Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM supplies your joints with support to stay healthy and nourished. A key component in cartilage, Glucosamine and Collagen contribute to the mobility and flexibility of your joints.

Hair Skin & Nail

Healthier hair, skin and nails start from the inside

FeinSchein Hair , skin and nails have just the right amount of vitamins and minerals that help the body metabolize nutrients and promotes thicker hair, healthier skin and stronger nails.

Beauty and Health Formula

FeinSchein Highest collagen concentration drink improves your skin health, promoting a beautiful and younger looking and fight the appearance of early signs of aging.

Five of the most richest  Food Supplement products

1. Collagen 10000

2. Spot-Zone


3. Hair Skin & Nails


4. Joint Support


5. Kids Multi


FeinSchein kids multi vitamins and minerals with amazing vegetables extracts and great taste to boost your kid’s health and provide them the nutrients for the healthy development and growth

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We provide services in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to other companies by adherence to professional and global standards. Our experience in both fields enables us to tie strong bonds with companies that are interested in expanding their business to other markets. In addition, we provide consultancy services for growing up companies and for entrepreneurs to launch a successful enterprise and have unique marketing and distribution strategies   



Our projects are in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food supplements.

In cosmetics we mainly focus on developing new cosmetic formulas through well known French Laboratories so that to offer the best finished products for our clients and customers. We seek for niche formulas and select the best packagings in order to reach eventually to a unique product.



Our clients are pharmaceutical and cosmetic distributors that are interested in selling niche products to any market. We have a wide distribution network in the Middle East (MENA region) and Africa. We are expanding our network to cover countries in the Far East and are open to distributors for USA and Australia. We offer patent products that can compete intensively with the huge variety of products present in the markets   

P A T E N T 


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Kamapharma GmbH is an import export company in Germany and one of a corporate group of seven companies belonging to the Kamaholding Ltd.


1. Kamapharma GmbH


2. Alkamal Projects and Trading


3. National Company for Pharmaceutical Industry (NCPI)


4. Alkamal Pharma and Medical Services


5. International Company for Pharmaceutical Industry (ICPI)


6. Alkamal Laboratories


7. Unites Hospitality S.A.R.L


Kamapharma offers markets for companies that are aiming to promote and sell their products in the Middle East and Africa. Located in Europe, and being part of the corporate group of the holding company, Kamapharma offers a trustful gate for those companies that would like to extend their business into foreign markets.​ Together with the Kamaholding’s corporate group of companies, Kampharma offers the following middle eastern markets: Algeria - Iraq - Jordan - Lebanon - Libya - Saudi Arabia - Sudan - Syria - Tunisia - UAE



K A M A P H A R M A  GmbH

für Kosmetika und Pharmazeutika

Nordhellesteig 37

13507 Berlin

Tel:  +4915255426813

Fax: +493074203323


Kamapharma offers niche products in cosmetics and food supplements as well as consultancy services in pharmaceuticals and startup projects


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